CBD and Gram-negative bacteria

Recent Study Indicates CBD May Be Effective Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria

According to a study recently published in the Communications Biology Journal, CBD could possibly be used to kill Gram-negative bacteria, which is responsible for diseases such as meningitis, legionnaires disease, and even gonorrhea. The study utilized synthetic CBD and was conducted by University of Queensland and Botanix Pharmaceuticals Limited researchers and according to them, this discovery could possibly lead to a new class of antibiotics for resistant bacteria, the first in 60 years.

Apparently, antibiotics have a more difficult time penetrating some Gram-negative bacteria because it has an additional line of defense via an extra outer-membrane. Other research has shown that CBD is efficient at helping to treat chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, seizures, and insomnia, but recent studies have indicated that it has the potential to be a potent antibiotic and may even be a great natural preservative for produce.

With multiple studies and research on CBD’s potential still underway, we could see a lot of unexpected benefits discovered in the very near future.

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