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CBD Microcapsule Option Increases Absorption By Over 250%

Paradise Farms CBD Microcapsule research

Did you know that there are researchers in many parts of the world learning more about CBD and its overall use cases? It is no surprise that we are able to hear about new studies such as a recent one that shows how a CBD microcapsule can increase absorption by over 250%. 

Now, that is an important aspect because it shows that we are still uncovering different aspects of CBD today.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be a scientist? You get put on your lab gear, look at these various components, run tests, and maybe discover something fascinating?

Here is what you need to know about the CBD microcapsule and what it may mean for CBD products in the future.

The CBD Microcapsule Study Took Place in Australia

A group of scientists based in Australia took some time to conduct studies on a microencapsulation method that would increase the overall absorption and bioavailability of the hemp related compound, CBD.

The more bioavailability that is present the better for the user. How is that? Bioavailability is how much potency is actually being received and translated within your bloodstream and how quickly. The best process produces higher bioavailability and better results for any specific product.

This group of researchers and scientists was able to show that a specific method via CBD microcapsule could provide better absorption results.

How were they able to show these results?

They tested out their compound on animals. These tests show that there might be strong evidence for moving forward with this new option of CBD microcapsule utilization. The project indicates that one can see large concentrations of the hemp derived compound within the neural area by over 250% in comparison to other forms.

Again, this is important for people who use CBD for pain relief, anxiety, and other factors to improve their quality of life. Did you know that researchers are looking into how CBD may work for those who suffer with issues such as Parkinson’s disease and how it can help drug addicts recover more efficiently?

Overcoming Present Challenges With CBD Formulations

Scientists want to figure out how to increase absorption of CBD products for therapeutic uses. It matters because the industry continues to grow on the premise that this alternative medicinal type of product can bring about immense benefits for anxiety, depression, stress, and other health issues. As more people use it, they would like to ensure that the benefits present within the compound will certainly apply and provide immense benefits overall.

Sure, more than an average portion of people may use it for pleasure and to enhance their coffee or other drinks but those who rely on it for relief and behavior change in some way must realize the benefits it offers.

One issue that the scientists must contend with is the fact that CBD when taken by mouth may not provide as much absorption, minimizing its value for those who rely on it.

Did you know that CBD oil can have absorption that may yield less than ten percent? Inhaling CBD may provide better results on average but it can still vary based on each individual.

That is why scientists continue to look into how it can add more value through better absorption and affect the brain in a more profound manner. The recent studies in Plos One, talk about various techniques, including one multi-pronged approach that will increase the overall absorption and bioavailability of consumption related to CBD.

They built on prior studies that relied on microencapsulation methods to protect capsules from being destroyed in the stomach. They then looked at further research that would help to increase absorption by the brain

One surprising finding was that when they were able to combine deoxycholic acid (DCA) with their compound, absorption could increase.

Scientists and researchers must still look at how this combination produces this specific effect and how it could translate to commercial use cases.

But this CBD microcapsule study shows more progress within this sector and promises to bring about results that will matter for present and future CBD users.

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