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CBD Review: DNA Hemp Company

Due to disability and chronic pain, I’ve tried virtually anything and everything that I thought could help, from physical therapy to major surgeries and everything in between, including prescribed opiates of course. The surgeries left me scarred and, in some cases, even worse off than I was before, and at one point I was on so many damn pills I would often fall asleep. This is super bad when you’re on the phone with a customer or driving, both of which happened to me.

So, I gave up the pills and went with my neurostimulator implants (one for cervical and one for lumbar), marijuana, and a fairly sedentary lifestyle… i.e. started a writing career. When CBD products became available in my area, I gave several of them a try but unfortunately, I didn’t have much luck.

Edibles… no help at all. However, I’ve never had luck with THC-infused edibles either, so dosing via edibles may just not be for me.

Tinctures – no help and the several I tried tasted like a combination of dirt and wood.

Oils/Balms – even ones I ordered online turned out to be stinky and oily or sticky and once again, I didn’t experience any relief.

This means that when my lumbar stimulator went out two months ago (the cervical one went out shortly after surgery to repair it and I’d lost my insurance coverage), I laughed when a friend asked if I ever tried CBD. After explaining my history with it, he told me about his friend who owns the DNA Hemp Company.

Now, even though he told me that their products are pharmaceutical-grade, contain the highest-quality CBD, and their balm is even time-released for maximum relief, there was virtually zero chance that I was going to try any of it. However, he actually told said friend about my situation and he offered to send me some free of charge.

He didn’t ask for a review or to be covered on my podcast, he just did it out of the kindness of his heart and (probably) his rock-solid faith in the products. I received a bottle of CBD Tincture and a jar of full-spectrum CBD body balm and as it turns out, his faith in his products is well-placed.

Natural Organic Hemp Flower CBD Tincture

The oil tincture from DNA Hemp Company is produced in the U.S. and contains 2000 mg of pure CBD oil. To dose with it, you should shake the bottle well and simply fill the eye-dropper halfway and put the oil under your tongue, holding it there for 10-seconds before swallowing. Compared to other tinctures I’ve tried, this has a really mild floral/herbal/earthy flavor and I didn’t experience any nasty after-taste at all.

Now the good part, about 20-minutes after dosing I felt relief in my lumbar and after a week of use, I found that if I dose once in the morning and once in the early evening, my lumbar pain levels are much more controllable.

Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Body Balm

As I mentioned earlier, a few surgeries left me worse off than I was and the biggest culprit was fusion of my c-spine. Apparently, a bone chip inadvertently pinched a nerve and I had to undergo a second surgery to repair it but unfortunately, it wasn’t successful and I experience a ton of pain in my neck and shoulder areas. The pain is a daily issue but is especially bad after a few hours on the computer. Which of course is where I work so there are plenty of days where I have to wear a soft c-collar just to alleviate some of the pain.

And this is exactly why their Body Balm has become my new favorite. I can rub some on my neck scars, cervical spine area, and shoulders and wonder of wonders, I actually get some relief within 5-10 mins.

Seriously, it brought a tear to my eyes.

The great thing is, they’ve really worked on their formula and it doesn’t feel oily once applied and seems to penetrate the skin fairly quickly. It contains 500 mg of the highest quality Hemp Flower CBD and has a pleasing herbal smell that doesn’t irritate the skin, but arguably the biggest bonus is that it is time-released and provides extended relief.

When my neck has that God-awful burning or stabbing pain, the balm usually calms it down to an ache. As with their tincture, using it twice a day seems to work best for me but there have been those days where the pain is off the charts and I’ve used more.

Their products worked so good, I purchased more of both products and will do so from now on.

They’re THAT good.

This experience opened my eyes and I have no doubt that there are plenty of other products that do indeed work, despite my prior experience. If you know of a good one, let us know. If you represent a company with products you’d like me to review, you can email us at advertising@gtmarshmedia.com

All-in-all folks, if you’re suffering from pain or other ailments that CBD has shown effective against but you’ve had the same bad experience I’ve had with various products, you owe it to yourself to try DNA Hemp Company.

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