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Here’s What You Should Know about FAB CBD

Many people have an idea that Cannabidiol or CBD is the same as THC.

That is far from the truth.

First, CBD does not contain any psychoactive aspects like THC, which means it is completely safe to use for medicinal purposes without getting high. Of course, the safety of the product will also vary by distributor. That means that while CBD itself can be harmless and helpful, the products that contain CBD may have other harmful content. This is similar to other foods, lotions, or other products that may be made in unproductive ways.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it has not approved over-the-counter CBD products. Be it gummies, oil, ointment, or beauty products; every CBD product should come with an extensive certificate of analysis from a third-party lab.

Here Fab CBD stands as one of the most foremost CBD brands that offer non-GMO and third-party tested CBD products.

Key Details on Fab CBD

Fab CBD is a Tampa, Florida based company founded in 2017 with an aim to create high-quality CBD products using organically grown hemp extracts. 

With a combined experience of 25 years in the supplement, pharmaceutical, fitness, and health industries, the company offers lab-tested products such as CBD oil, topicals, vape pens, and dog treats. 

The company is pretty small but is quite thriving because of the growing CBD market. Although it is a new brand, it can flourish in the long-term operation for sure. 

The products like CBD oil, edibles, and Muscle and Joint Topical Cream would be one of the best options for those who are trying CBD oil for the first time. 

Different CBD Products by Fab CBD

As mentioned above, Fab CBD offers a wide range of CBD products ranging from CBD oil drops, Muscle and Joint Topical Cream, Chews/Edibles, and dog treats. 

Below, you will find an overview of all the products by the brand in detail.

CBD Oil Drops

The CBD oil drops by the brand Fab CBD comes in three variants; these include, 150mg, 300mg, and 600 mg. 

You can find them in three flavors that range from Natural Hemp, Mint, and Citrus. 

All these products come in 30 ml bottles. 

The oil comes with MCT oil that is an excellent carrier to enhance CBD absorption. Because the oil is extracted from CO2, it ensures high and premium quality. It is quite useful for those who are suffering from pain or suffer from minor conditions. 

CBD Muscle and Joint Topical Cream

If you are looking for an effective cream that has moisturizing properties and helps you get rid of joint and muscle discomfort, CBD topical cream by Fab CBD might be the way to go. 

The cream comes in a 2 oz container and contains 600mg of CBD. It also comes with Vitamin E, which has excellent nourishing and antioxidant properties. 

The blood orange extract, chamomile, and cinnamon offer the best soothing smell that lasts for quite some time.

CBD Chews

The organic, vegan fruit-flavored non-GMO Fab CBD gummies contain 750mg of CBD and come in a 4 oz jar. 

Best to relieve pain, improve sleep, and minimize problems ranging from inflammation, pain, and depression, these chews are easy to consume and taste good. 

Although it does not say how many chews are there in each jar, they are healthy and claim to be 100% THC-free. Remember that these CBD chews will not give you any type of high as they have no psychoactive properties.

Crunchy Dog Treat

Another CBD product that Fab CBD offers is its CBD Crunchy Dog Treats. These come in three varieties, and each one of these contains 3mg CBD. 

Fab CBD offers a variety of flavors and secondary ingredients that are beneficial for the dog’s health. Enriched with botanical extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins, the crunchy dog treats by Fab CBD offers overall wellbeing to your dog.

Indeed, Fab CBD is one of the more thriving brands that offer premium CBD products, which are third-party lab tested. Besides product quality, the brand provides exceptional customer care service and is vegan-friendly. 

So, if you want to try CBD for the first time, you can try Fab CBD products today.

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