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PakTech Innovates With Child Resistant CBD Packaging

The growing trend of cannabis packaging has seen a dramatic shift in recent years. As the CBD industry grows, packaging and branding are becoming more critical.

PakTech ensures that its CBD packaging is compliant, valuable, child-resistant, and eco-friendly.

PakTech is present within the United States and serves as a leading producer of 100% recyclable and recyclable secondary packaging. The firm is in the news today because it came up with a unique child-resistant cap for THC beverages. The main highlight of this cap is that it is made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene.

It is a material that can then be put into the recycling system again to create a more sustainable packaging process.

One can see that PakTech is looking to elevate the game of cannabis packaging with its new way of making progress in packaging. Let us find out more about PackTech.

About PakTech

PakTech, is a business headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. It serves as a leading name in the world of recycled and recyclable secondary packaging.

It has been around for over twenty years now as it was formed in 1991.

The company aims to bring the highest quality of green packaging products to the market. They have created several unpigmented containers and recycled milk jugs made from 100% recycled HDPE resin.

The company focuses on a sustainable approach by applying the reuse, recycling, and reducing concept across every business decision. That means that sustainability is a guiding policy for the firm. This is necessary to have in an industry that will only grow over time due to increased shipping and logistics.

The idea of sustainability underpins the complete production cycle of its packaging solutions. 

A Strong Past of Demonstrating Sustainability

The company repurposed more than half a billion milk jugs into packaging handles. It ultimately saved around 31 acres of land from becoming a landfill scrap and kept away more than 80 million lbs of plastic away from the waste stream successfully.

The company also handles recycle material that they see will have another life as flower pots, new PakTech handles, composite lumber, park benches, and more.

Innovative PakLock Child-Resistant CBD Packaging

The engineering team of PakTech was able to develop this cap, PakLock, which is third-party certified to meet the child-resistant criteria set by 16 CFR Part 1700.20. 

This is a legal testing method needed for adult products like CBD-infused beverages. 

Just like other products by PakTech, PakLock carries a minimalistic design. It is a simple, secure, and a safe solution that adults only operate. It helps to ensure safety within the house and eliminate accidents that may happen with children.

These child-resistant packaging certified caps fit snugly on aluminum can formats, ranging from 202 to 260, and only adults can remove them easily. 

According to the Director of PakTech sales, Lloyd McGriff, they were able to create this product because of questions and concerns raised by their customers. 

These queries made them realize the demand for such a form of packaging, and that is why they started working on it. Zak Borg, the Vice President and Director of Engineering, said that these packages’ designs had to be modified to pass the severe certification testing using a wide specification resin. 

Luckily, with their efforts, PakLock has been created and certified successfully. He further said that his most favorite part of the development process was many memorable moments when learning and studying how to make this project work.

As per the recent reports by Cannabis Business plan, in Europe, the current market size is around €450 million, which represents 31% of the worldwide CBD oil market share, which is second to North America with 40% of a market share.

PakLock is certainly a pocket-friendly solution to secure THC beverages for retail sale. Be it a dispensary, brand owner, a distributor, or an adult who wants to enjoy THC beverages; the PadLock is designed to keep everyone in mind. 

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