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Soft-Tex Offers CBD-Infused Sleeping Products

Soft-Tex wants you to sleep better and is providing several products to help you improve your quality of life.

Are you struggling for better quality sleep at night? If yes, you are not alone. For a few decades now, many people often complain about a lack of quality sleep. The reasons why they can not go to sleep can vary. 

Most of the reasons why individuals experience trouble with sleep are related to lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and reduced stress. 

Luckily, there are a few substances that can help you with quality night sleep. 

One of those substances is ‘CBD.’  

What is CBD? 

CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural derivative of the hemp or cannabis plant. From pain relief ointments to gummy bears and more, anything that contains CBD could have calming and healing properties. 

This substance works by stabilizing the stress hormones that permit the body to settle down into normal rhythms at night and prepares the body for quality sleep. 

Did you know that CBD is also beneficial for stimulating serotonin receptors in the brain, which stabilize your emotional state and helps uplift your mood?

One firm is stepping into the sleeping sector and is seeking to provide better sleep with their CBD-infused mattresses.

CBD Infused Bedding Accessories by Soft-Tex International

Popular sleep products supplier Soft-Tex International unveils its line of CBD-infused accessories for its SensorPEDIC national product portfolio, ranging from protectors, mattresses, mattress pads, pillows, and more. 

Since CBD is known for its calming effects, it only makes sense it would make its way to the sleep products industry. Whether you are a restless sleeper or wake up often in the middle of the night, CBD sleep products by Soft-tex are designed to help you to get a peaceful sleep at night. Not only this, when you use CBD sleep products, you may improve your glucose levels and prevent certain types of cancer. 

The collection powered by Devan Chemical’s proprietary R-Vital formulation provides microencapsulated CBD. It features zero-THC, 99.9% pure hemp-derived CBD, and is lab certified. With skin friction and body pressure, the microcapsules open gradually, releasing CBD, which passes through intermediary layers like a pillowcase or a bedsheet and interacts with various skin pores and receptors.

According to the chief gross sales and marketing advertising officer of Soft-Tex International, Chris Marsh, the firm is pleased to offer CBD oriented sleep products. They know that CBD is available in diverse consumer segments and so the company is quite thrilled to carry a line of lab-tested, high-quality CBD-infused bedding merchandise to market as a part of their SensorPEDIC nationwide model assortment.

Devan is a developer of specialty chemical compounds used in textiles. Headquartered in Belgium, the company offers a merchandise collection of stain launch, flame retardants, thermoregulation, allergen management, and odor management.

Sven Ghyselinck, the chief government officer of Devan stated that Soft-Tex International is doing great work with its new range of CBD-infused bedding accessories. He further added that since their R-Vital Hemp CBD launch, the market has shown excellent reception of the dwelling textiles novelty. It will offer SensorPEDIC, a new angle towards additional holistic sleep expertise.

CBD Sleep Products May Be Right for You

For many people who are concerned about their quality of sleep, CBD-infused bedding is a potential solution. Soft-Tex International offers a line of CBD accessories that ensure restful sleep. 

All the bedding products offered by the brand are made using unique CBD infused fabric and are incredibly soft to touch, according to the brand. 

These accessories may not only help you with comfortable night sleep but can also offer several therapeutic benefits. 

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