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Trips Offers Another CBD Infused Drink Line

CBD is one of the most effective substances for treating various ailments. These ailments can vary from seizures to anxiety and inflammation. What’s even better about this substance is that it will not evoke any psychoactive effects.

That is why you are quite likely interested in learning more about CBD and CBD products.

One of the newer trends revolves around CBD infused drinks. It makes sense with the rise of companies that are distributing drinks that range from sparkling water to other types of beverages that are in style at the present moment.

Drinks infused with CBD won’t get you high, but make you calm and feel relaxed.

The Queen’s Farm and CBD Drinks

Recently, CBD infused beverages by Trip have been seen on sale in the Queen’s Farm shop.

Although the farm gift shops of Queen have a wide range of royal memorabilia on sale, ranging from limited edition sweets to chinaware, according to the latest report, CBD-infused drinks made by Trip have also been seen on the shelves for sale.

It shows that there is more opportunity for those who are interested in distributing these products to the wider market.

What else do you need to know about these drinks?

These drinks are infused with 15 mg of CBD, have a reasonable amount of calories, and come in different flavors like elderflower, mint, ginger, or peach.

The 15 mg of CBD by Trip is on sale for over three dollars at the Queen’s shop. All the flavors available are said to provide clarity to the mind and balance your body. It is said that the drinks are quirky and unusual to be sold in that particular shop.

Purchases of These CBD Drinks Underway

Many fans are buying these drinks in bulk at Her Majesty’s Windsor Farm Shop close to Windsor Castle. It makes sense that they are purchasing in this manner because it is a great trend, and you will not have to have any intoxicating effects.

Remember that in the UK, CBD is considered legal and used for medicinal purposes as well. An insider reported that these drinks are unusual for a farm shop, especially when the Queen runs it.

Remember that in the UK, CBD is considered legal and used for medicinal purposes as well. An insider reported that these drinks are unusual for a farm shop, especially when the Queen runs it. 

The drink is made of CBD, which is derived from the hemp plant. 

It will not only balance your body and mind but also regulate your mood and anxiety. CBD drinks are also quite effective in reducing inflammation, boost concentration, and help with a sound sleep. 

Unsurprisingly, these drinks are selling out quickly. Various sources note that people pick it in bulk each time they visit the shop. Over the course of a few months, these drinks have become quite popular. People continue to gravitate to these drinks for various reasons.

Trip Leaders Speak

The co-founder Olivia Ferdi of the Trip, CBD drinks brand, states that these drinks are quite popular and that many different in-demand products are currently sold out. She is quite amazed and thrilled to see the response of the people towards these CBD-infused drinks. It is quite likely because these are quite effective for those who are having trouble sleeping or are feeling stressed. 

It is an age of anxiety, and more people are experiencing these aspects in their lives. As such, one may see further interest in holistic CBD products.

Trip Origins

The Trip brand was established by a couple, Dan and Liv, in 2018. They were able to offer these packs with six cans of 15 mg premium CBD. The costs ranged from over $17.

Of course, you were able to obtain it with minimal THC costing. According to the brand, Trip was created to relax and calm daily personal chaos. Again, these are available in unique flavors that may leave you less stressed and more productive. 

One of the most popular CBD-infused drinks in Her Majesty’s Windsor Farm Shop is Trip elderflower, mint, and CBD sparkling drink. This is one of the best CBD drinks by Trip. It does not only contain added sugar and is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and low in calories. Finally, they place adaptogens in it to support stress, focus, and immunity.

The last point is that the shop sells several flavors of soft drinks, and you can find these flavors all year round.

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