What you need to Know about the New South Park X Campus 80s Adidas “Towelie” shoes

You have heard about Adidas, right? It is a brand that has been around for quite some time now. It rivals brands like Nike, Reebok and partners with brands like Yeezy to bring fresh innovation to the shoe market. Indeed, Adidas is one of the global shoe manufacturing companies that don’t shy away from intrinsic ideas, and one of the outcomes is the Campus 80s “Towelie” shoes. This is one collaboration a lot of people will love.

It is especially intriguing in a time when cannabis consumption is on the rise. Even more interesting is that they will release a collab with South Park and Towelie in April’s festive month.

As you may know, 4/20, is a favorite day for every stoner, it is a day to celebrate the use of the herb. Several shoe companies are using this opportunity to cash in, and the shoe companies are not relenting. Despite several designs come out year after year, Adidas has decided to add a collection this year.

Although not a registered time of the year, 4/20 is hastily approaching, and to celebrate this day, Adidas has adopted the popular Comedy central’s monster hit comic, South Park, with a collaboration with Campus 80s to present you “Towelie.”

The Towelie Options

The shoes present themselves in a “Chalk White” and “Footwear Purple” color. The terrycloth material symbolizes stoner towels which also provide durability. This specific material and color were to mimic Towelies’ physical features from the sitcom.

Other detailings include three white stripes on both sides, which is the Adidas branding logo, the missile, the heels, Towelies eyes, with Towelies tongue taking the spotlight.

Initially, Towelies eyes are wide and white, but when they are exposed to UV rays, they become droopy and bloodshot, which is similar to Towelies eyes in the sitcom whenever he becomes high.

Hidden Compartment for the Stash

On the inner stash is a hidden pocket perfect for storing little treats. You will see the tongue has Towelies trademark quotes like “Don’t forget to bring a towel” and “I have no idea what’s going on.” It comes in a custom-designed South Park X Adidas shoebox.

The South Park Icon

The shoe is an embodiment of the talking towel in the popular American South Park sitcom, Towelie, a 17-year-old towel, who was addicted to crack, meth and marijuana but became sober on April 26, 2010. 

However, he started using marijuana again since he began working with the Marsh family’s hemp farm and is also seen getting high several times after fighting with his boss. The main reason he became clean was because of his son Washcloth, who he had with Rebecca. Despite being a consistent drug user, he is known to exhibit a kind personality of kindness. He is also caring and is known to advise people to use a towel when they get wet to avoid catching a cold.

The shoe is set to drop on the 20th of April 2021 and is available on Adidas’ confirmed app for $100. Due to it being a limited edition, it won’t be available in the stores and instead will appear on the app. 

Download the original Adidas app and create a creators club account, turn in the notification or participate button before 9:30 AM of 4/20, select your shoe size and complete the payment. You may be one of the lucky ones to have a pair.