Z’s Life Debuts High-End Rolling Paper Booklets

NEW YORK – Z’s Life announced today the launch of its brand new ZBooks, organic handcrafted rolling paper booklets engineered to provide the finest rolling experience. Z’s Life is a New York based lifestyle brand that develops elegant objects meant to enhance the smoker’s life.

Founder of Z’s Life, Izaak Cohen, has combined his passion for entrepreneurship and cannabis to create products that amplify the average smokers’ style and experience. All ZBooks are handcrafted by artisans in Europe who expertly assemble each booklet with 50 ultra-thin rolling papers and 50 filters, bound together with a gold plated magnetic clasp. ZBooks currently come in two sizes, standard or king, and are available in a dynamic range of designs and colors. From funky holographic and glitter designs to solid and sophisticated colors, it is ensured that there is a Zbook to fit anyone’s personal aesthetic.

“At Z’s Life, we believe the objects we use in our daily lives reflect our sensibilities and have the potential to empower us,” said Cohen. “This philosophy encourages us to produce timeless objects that provide a sense of wonderment and joy to its owner. The books are made of the finest cardstock, with a sleek and classic design to create a new image for the art of smoking by beautifying the ritual of rolling.”

Cohen is passionate about the environment and has incorporated his commitment to sustainability into his daily business practices. Conscious of the negative impact his business’s carbon footprint may have on the planet, Cohen has partnered with One Tree Planted, whose reforestation projects plant trees that clean air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, and create jobs for social impact. Since this partnership started in early 2020, they have planted over 1,800 trees across the US, mostly in California.

“Our Certified Organic ZBooks are the most beautiful papers in the world,” said Cohen. “They are ultra-slow burning, the card stock is the highest quality, and that click of the magnet is the sound you’ve got the right papers. The most unique papers anywhere are Z’s. ” ZBooks are now available in New York, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois and North Carolina, they range from $7-$15. For more information, please visit https://zs.life/.

ABOUT Z’s Life

Z’s Life began when the founder, Izaak Cohen, was just 18 years old. Growing up around cannabis, he wanted to create products to demystify and beautify the art of smoking. After working with his brother making leather goods, he developed a passion for the process of creating. Z’s Life received funding through Cohen entering into his college business competition, securing him $30,000 in cash prizes. With this funding and a drive for innovation, Z’s Life has blossomed into a top tier rolling paper company.

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