CBD and Driving

Study Indicates That CBD Doesn’t Impact Driving

December’s Journal of the American Medical Association includes an interesting CBD study that was conducted at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and led by the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney. 26 participants inhaled different ratios of vaporized THC and CBD and then at the 40-minute mark, and again 4 hours later, went for a 60-mile drive under controlled conditions. Researchers used a well-established scientific test to measure the standard deviation of vehicle position, including lane weaving, swerving, and overcorrecting,

According to the results, those that used strictly CBD did not show any signs of impaired driving while those that vaped THC or a THC/CBD mixture, showed measurable mild impairment during the first drive but not the one four hours later. So, while it appears that moderate THC consumption can result in up to 4 hours of intoxication, CBD doesn’t appear to have any adverse effects on driving. The study’s lead author stated that the results “should allow for evidence-based laws and regulation for people receiving medical cannabis.”

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